Thuringian Minister of Economics Wolfgang Tiefensee visits VACOM

VACOM’s President Jens Bergner and production manager Matthias Ring inform minister Tiefensee about the requirements on the precision manufacturing of vacuum components.During his visit, Minister Tiefensee informed himself about the development of the mid-sized company and its innovative capacity.

It’s only recently that the company founder Dr. Ute Bergner was honored with the Ernst Abbe Prize for Innovative Entrepreneurship.

Based on the fact that the economic structure in Thuringia is mainly characterized by mid-sized enterprises, the minister discussed the challenges of “Economics 4.0” and the design of the general framework.

Economics 4.0 also means Society 4.0. It was discussed that individuality, flexibility and the mastery of the complexity should be considered in legislative projects. This also means: The mid-sized enterprises need other legal conditions than the large-scale industry.

Minister Tiefensee pleaded for the encouragement to develop flexible networks. This would enable the mainly small-scale Thuringian economy to win

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