VACOM Is Member of the Research Consortium optIclock

optIclock []Within the strategy process in the field of the quantum technologies QUTEGA initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the pilot project “optIclock - optical single ion clock” has started in May 2017.
The “optIclock” is expected to “render the enormous potential of quantum technologies, …, into something useful beyond academic research. The optIclock demonstrator aims … being better than any commercial clock or frequency standard. In contrast to the laboratory solutions, the optIclock will be transportable and non-scientific users can operate it even in an office environment.”  Further fields of application are the synchronization of large networks, global satellite navigation systems or geodetic measurements.

Members oft he research consortium: Ferdinand Braun Institut Berlin, High Finesse GmbH, Menlo Systems GmbH, PTB Braunschweig, QUARTIQ GmbH, Qubig GmbH, TOPTICA Photonics AG, Universität Bonn, Universität Siegen und VACOM Vakuum Komponenten & Messtechnik GmbH

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