Aluminum: The future material for UHV/XHV applications AluVaC®

Both, industrial processes as well as research and development, for example in accelerator technology or EUV technology, increasingly require a cleaner and better vacuum.
To generate ultrahigh vacuum (UHV, p <1 · 10-07mbar) and extreme high vacuum (XHV, p <1 · 10-11mbar) with common stainless steel technology is very energy-intensive, time-consuming and consequently connected with high expenses. Comparing the most common materials stainless steel and aluminum, one finding is obvious:

AluVaC® - Aluminum-CF components und vacuum chambers

AluVaC® - Aluminum-CF components und vacuum chambers.Due to its promising attributes aluminum legitimately claims to be the future material in the field of vacuum chamber construction and in UHV and XHV vacuum technology. The stable long-term use has been sufficiently tested. Meanwhile, many companies, institutes and operators delight in the use of AluVaC®-components.  

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Cost saving as a result of diverse material properties

VACOM has now added the production of aluminum-CF components and chambers (AluVaC®) to its portfolio. Especially for vacuum applications in the deep pressure ranges of UHV and XHV aluminum offers numerous advantages compared to stainless steel.

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AluVaC Perfomance

  • low natural outgassing rate of aluminum - qA<2 · 10-14 mbar·l/s/cm2
  • energy efficient bake-out procedure by tempertaures of 120 °C [393 K] (cf. 200 – 450 °C [473 – 723 K] for stainless steel)
  • enables time-efficient work through faster pump-down times
  • manufacturing of chambers and components with a low magnetic permeability (µr = 1,00002)  
  • advantages within the handling through minimal weight

Premium, durable and bakeable aluminum components with a CF-knife edge

AluVaC®-components with CF-knife edges are compatible with common stainless steel componentsVACOM machines CF-connections entirely out of aluminum alloy, without the need of an additional coating or an amount of stainless steel. The mechanical strength of 6xxx aluminum-alloy allows the manufacturing of durable CF-knife edges according to ISO-3669.

Through the use of annealed copper gaskets AluVaC® knife edges are designed for durable long term use. Even the necessary bake out temperature of 120 °C [393 K] has no verifiable influence to the stability of the knife edge. Our investigations reveal that the extremely low-outgassing AluVaC®-components keep their functionality up to thermal peak load until peak temperatures of 180 °C [453 K] (see WhitePaper 3).

Furthermore all AluVaC®-components with CF-knife edges are compatible with common stainless steel components!
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