Edge Welded Bellows

Standard Edge Welded Bellows

Edge welded bellows are flexible connecting elements between vacuum flanges or end fittings of any kind. The edge welded bellow is not a rigid body but can overcome a specified working stroke. Three main fields of application can be identified: as feedthrough, as expansion joint or as vibration isolator.

Edge welded bellows2 Edge welded bellows serve as feedthrough to introduce movements into the vacuum or to separate the vacuum chamber from mechanical parts.
Edge welded bellows2 Edge welded bellow can be used as compensator to balance thermal expansion and  mounting tolerances (e. g. height differences or angular offsets).
Edge welded bellows Edge welded bellows are often used for vibration decoupling e. g. between vacuum pump and measuring instrument. A special design of the compensator causes a better attenuation  by  an  increased  number  of diaphragm pairs, but enlarges the risk of self-resonance.

Advantages of edge welded bellows:

  • High flexibility
  • Lowest assembly dimension
  • Applicable for highest demands in UHV
  • Lower spring forces
  • Variable web width (OD-ID)
  • Almost unlimited bellow length
  • Noncircular shapes fabricable (racetrack, rectangular)

Edge Welded Bellows - Service and Repair

Edge Welded Bellows - Service and RepairBesides the manufacturing of custom edge welded bellows we deliver replacement bellows. In addition, we are able to offer the repair of damaged bellows. This includes for instance bellow feedthroughs of valve drives, coupling elements or manipulators.
A drawing or sketch as precise as possible (and a photo if available) is essential for the offer preparation. You can also send a sample or the damaged bellow for the estimate of costs directly. In this case please contact us before shipment. Thos helps us to start wit our work without delay..

Learn more about further application fields under the category Mechanical Feedthroughs.

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