Coaxial Feedthroughs

Coaxial FeedthroughsCoaxial feedthroughs consist of two concentric conductor paths which are electrically isolated from each other by an alumina or glass ceramic insulator in between. The inner pin-shaped conductor serves as current carrying  contact and is surrounded by a tubular outside conductor, which is usually at ground potential ("grounded shield"). The outer conductor shields the inner conductor from electromagnetic interference effects coming from outside. We also offer product variations with non-grounded ("floating") shield and / or matched impedance of 50 Ohm for several coaxial feedthroughs. Coaxial feedthroughs can be used universally and are particularly applied for transmitting high frequency signals up to 10 GHz and even beyond.

VACOM offers industry-standard coaxial feedthroughs including subminiature- (SMA), miniature- (BNC, MHV, SHV) and medium-size (N, HN) type. They cover a voltage range from 500 V up to 20 kV. Double ended versions and vacuum compatible plug connectors are available for most types.

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