Accessories for Electrical Feedthroughs

zubehoer vorschauIn this section you can find a wide range of accessories to our electrical feedthroughs, e. g. plug connectors for air and vacuum side, single crimp contacts (packed  as  set), vacuum compatible clamps and cables, stainless  steel braided hoses, ceramic beads and ceramic spacers.

Feedthroughs, corresponding plug connectors and plugs are – if not explicitly stated otherwise – offered separately. Plug connectors are always delivered including single contacts (for soldering or crimping).

Vacuum side plug connectors are usually made of PEEK (Polyether ether ketone). PEEK is a high temperature resistant polymer thermoplastic which has a comparatively low outgassing and high chemical resistance. PEEK plug connectors can be used in high vacuum down to p ~ 1E-09mbar. For lower pressure applications (ultra high vacuum, UHV) fully metallic clamps or single contacts are the most widely used connector types. However, if you would like to use PEEK plug connectors in the UHV regime, we are pleased to advise you.

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