Multipin Feedthroughs with Plug Connectors

Multipin feedthroughsMultipin feedthroughs contain at least two conductors and they are designed to accept a plug connector on the air side. Some design variations allow for a vacuum side plug connector as well. The feedthroughs are ideally suited for a space-saving transmission of several electrical signals into vacuum.

This section includes a wide range of circular multipin feedthroughs with up to 41 contacts for voltages from 500 V to 12 kV. Very commonly used, the oval-shaped SUB D feedthroughs provide 9 to 50 contacts in a small space. Micro D feedthroughs are very similar to SUB D feedthroughs, but with 9 to 51 contacts in an even smaller space they are more compact and provide a maximum space and weight saving. Additionally, VACOM offers compact power feedthroughs compatible with common Mini-Snap connectors. Brand new available are USB feedthroughs.

Compact Power Feedthroughs

KompaktstromdurchführungenCompact power feedthroughs are available with 4 to 12 contacts and are characterized by small installation dimensions, full UHV compatibility and intermatability with plugs on both sides. Some versions can be charged with currents above 10 A per pin at voltages between 500 V and 1000 V. Compact power feedthroughs are especially used in cases where a small diameter of the feedthrough is of high importance. Additionally, for high vacuum applications or cases where welding is not an option also baseplate versions with O-ring sealing and solder cup contacts at the vacuum side are available.

Sub D Feedthroughs

Sub D FeedthroughsSub D type feedthroughs provide a large number of contacts in confined space. The contacts are arranged according to MIL-C-24308. Air side and vacuum side plugs are available.


Micro D Feedthroughs

Micro D feedthroughsMicro D feedthroughs are even more compact than Sub D feedthroughs. The contacts are arranged according to MIL-DTL-83513. The more compact design results in a reduction of the maximum voltage and current. The number of contacts varies between 9 and 51.


Circular Connectors

Circular connectorsThis subsection includes a wide range of feedthroughs with circular interfaces according to diverse standards for common circular plug connectors. Some versions can be used with air side and vacuum side plug. Also, versions for high voltage up to 12 kV or for high currents up to 46 A are available.


USB Feedthroughs 

USB feedthroughsOur USB feedthroughs are available in two versions - USB 2.0 connector/plug and USB 2.0 socket/socket. For the USB 2.0 socket/socket version, a vacuum compatible USB 2.0 cable is available.


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