Sub-D Feedthroughs

Electrical vacuum feedthroughs for Sub-D or D-Sub plug connectors (standardized in MIL-DTL-24308 and DIN 41652), in short "Sub-D feedthroughs", are a well-known and proven product for transferring electrical signals for instrumentation and measurement purposes in a broad range of vacuum applications.

NEW Instead of only one option, VACOM now offers three product versions of Sub-D feedthroughs - basic, pro and extended - for different levels of technical requirements..

Sub-D DurchführungenChoose your Sub-D feedthroughs from our pro series to get the usual proven quality, the basic series as a cost-effective alternative or the extended series for the highest technical requirements. By using different materials the physical properties of the three versions are perfectly adapted to different applications. In addition, the extended series features very slim installation dimensions, which make it ideal for custom solutions with a maximum number of Sub-D feedthroughs in a limited space. All versions have pin contacts on both sides (male/male-configuration).

In addition, an alternative option with socket contacts on the air side is available (female/male-configuration).
All variants of VACOM Sub-D feedthroughs are fully suitable for ultra-high vacuum (UHV).

basic - Ideal for applications without special technical requirements

- Highly cost-effective

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pro - Non-magnetic materials (µr < 1,3)

- Higher temperature resistance (operation & bakeout)

- For higher currents (5 A/pin continuously for all contacts)

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extended - Non-magnetic materials, low permeability (µr < 1,1)

- For highest currents (7.5 A/pin continuously for all contacts)

- Slimmer installation dimensions

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All shell sizes (9, 15, 25, 37, 50 contacts) in all three versions basic, pro und extended are available as weldable feedthroughs, as well as on KF- and CF-flanges from stock.
Beyond that, we gladly manufacture and deliver customized combinations of Sub-D feedthroughs and flanges, such as
- multiple Sub-D feedthroughs from the same or different series on a flange
- multiple Sub-D feedthroughs with the same or different pin counts on a flange
- diverse flange types: KF, ISO-K, ISO-F, CF, QCF and custom flanges
- standard or special flanges made of different materials, e.g. stainless steels 304L, 316L, 316LN-ESR, Aluminum


Please also refer to our wide range of accessories, especially for the vacuum side of your Sub-D feedthroughs.
The following options can be chosen from a modular system of accessories for every single application in combination with the three Sub-D feedthrough versions basic, pro and extended:

Air side plugs

Standard Sub-D connectors according to MIL-DTL-24308 and DIN 41652 with non-removable solder cup contacts.

Vacuum side plugs

- aus PPS*
- Glass-ceramic

The material PPS* (Polyphenylensulfide) that we use for our plugs has been tested extensivley at VACOM and externally approved. Tests showed, that the vacuum properties of PPS are superior to the widely-used PEEK material.
The screws included in the connector kits are now made of VA4 stainless steel material (316) and therefore feature a low magnetic permeability (µr < 1.1).

*) PPS:  thermoplastic material similar to PEEK with a significantly better outgassing behaviour


Socket crimp contacts for vacuum side plugs

VACOM offers Sub-D socket crimp contacts - from now on separately from the vacuum side plug - in three versions for varying wire sizes. You can choose from 5 or 25 contact set packs.

Vacuum suitable cable with Polyimide (Kapton®)-insulation

Suitable for our three socket crimp contact versions, VACOM offers Polyimide-insulated cable with wire sizes AWG 28, AWG 24 (both as ribbon cable) or AWG 18 (as single stranded wire)..

Pre-assembled vacuum suitable cable

Our vacuum suitable Sub-D cables, pre-assembled with Sub-D plugs on one side or both sides, are available in a standard length of 0.5 meters. Please contact us to request the availability of any other desired cable lengths.