Heating Control

With a heating control the temperature of heating tapes or of entire heating systems can be regulated and thus, it can be ensured that the maximum allowable temperatures of the vacuum system are not exceeded. Various systems can be used for heating control.

A simple system is characterized by controlling heating components independently from a PC, as the requested temperature is given by a manual controller. By the use of a thermocouple or Pt 100, the temperature is measured at one point and the heating tape is switched via a control unit.
In order to achieve a higher degree of automation and an increased temperature stability, a PC-controlled system can be used. Therewith up to eight different heaters or heating elements can be controlled, whereas an individual temperature can be predetermined for each heating element. The software also makes it possible to stop the heating process automatically after a defined time. The advantage of this is the ability to perform the bakeout process reproducible and controllable over a longer period of time (for example, over several days or over the weekend).