Nozzle Heaters

Nozzle heatersNozzle Heaters are a cost-saving option compared to CF heating jackets. In contrast to CF heating jackets, nozzle heaters are only available for double-sided bored flanges and without integrated thermal insulation. Even for nozzle heaters it is possible to install a thermal component for direct temperature monitoring.

The nozzle heaters offered by VACOM consist of a stainless steel jacket, an electrical insulation and a heat conductor (shown below). The used outer material for these heaters, which typically reach a temperature up to 400 °C, is stainless steel 1.4016. Nozzle heaters are available for temperatures up to 450 °C. In addition to the offered standard heating power, further are possible. The length of the connecting cable is variable as well. Optional, a thermocouple can be integrated, which is executed via electric supply and which leaves the supply prior on request. Please contact us for an individual offer.