Controlled Bakeout in Vacuum

Controlled bake outHeating Solution – is a quality product of VACOM, which we also use for our own vacuum chambers. It consists of software and hardware to control the heating devices at your system. We offer four configuration levels for up to 8 heating components. The heating components fitted to your application can be selected freely from our range of products. Furthermore, special solutions are configurable on request. Of course, you have the opportunity to select different target temperatures for each heating component. Alternatively, you can use this system to measure and monitor the temperature of the outside of the chamber during your process. The results are automatically recorded in an ASCII file. For an optimal use of time, the program allows you to stop the heating process after an individually set time, e. g. giving you the opportunity to perform your process or experiment in cooled-down state on the next day.

We gladly customize our standard software to your requirements (e.g. stop of heating process at exceeding pressure, pressure record during bakeout), to increase the efficiency of your system and to reduce your effort.