Heating Jackets / Heating Mats

Heating jacketsHeating mats or heating jackets are used in industry and research for targeted heating of simple as well as complex systems. They are intended to maintain the temperature or to heat the vacuum chamber selectively, even with different temperature zones. The heating jackets are exactly matched to the shape of the component, which is to be heated, in order to achieve an optimal heat transfer.
Due to the perfect fitting the heating element is easy to mount and demount.


  • Heating to high temperatures
  • Quick and easy assembly / disassembly
  • Thermal insulation at rear side provides protection against burns by contact
  • Low heat losses, low energy consumption and energy costs
  • Highly complex systems can be heated, different temperature zones possible

Please contact us if you intend to selectively heat a vacuum system with a heating jacket or mat. In order to process your inquiry quickly, we need a technical drawing of your system.

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