IGP Accessories

REVION Kabel vorschauThe handling of electrical high voltage requires high safety measures to avoid accidents. As a standard, the power supplies and high voltage feedthroughs of the REVION® ion getter pumps and the REVION® CU-100 control unit are equipped with 10 kV SHV connectors. They are connected with a high voltage cable.

High voltage cable with safety interlock

Besides the 10 kV connectors for high voltage, the high voltage cable also has an SMB connector for the contact to the operating device and a blade receptacle for the connection to the ion getter pump. This way, the additional connectors establish a secure connection of the high voltage cable. Once the high voltage cable is not connected properly or a plug is removed, the REVION® CU-100 interrupts the power supply to the pump.

The REVION® CU-100 displays an error message in which the word INTERLOCK appears on the display.