Product Overview

With our development of the REVION® series we have managed to drastically reduce the size of our ion getter pumps (IGP) without any losses in the effective pumping speeds. The pumping speed is determined and documented in accordance with DIN 28429.

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The accompanying control unit REVION® CU-100 is also made ​​by VACOM®. In combination with the REVION® ion getter pumps you receive a system that not only pumps efficiently but also has a measurement accuracy of about 30% of the measured value of the chamber pressure. The graphical display of the pressure curve completes the package.

The REVION® IGP can also be modified. For instance, we can manufacture them with QCF connectors (Quick ConFlat®). This connector not only allows for a considerably shorter assembly time and space savings of a few centimeters, but also increases the effective pumping speed significantly.

Efficiency made in Germany.

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Flange connection*: DN40CF DN63CF DN100CF
Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm]: 235 x 130 x 194 235 x 130 x 206 235 x 130 x 208
Weight [kg]: 16,7 17,6 18,7
Nominal pumping speed (N2)[l/s]: 32 52 67
Ultimate pressure [mbar]: ≤ 1 x 10-11
HV connection: 10 kV SHV
Pumping element: Conventional diode
Data Sheet: Download Data Sheet
Step-Datei: Download Revion 35.stp  Download Revion 55.stp Download Revion 75.stp 
  • Also available as noble gas stable versions in our REVION®noble series

* QCF flanges increase the conductance and the pumping speed by up to 30 %

Compatible electronic controls: REVION® CU-100
Power supply: 24 V DC
Output voltage: Max. 7 kV, adjusted to pressure range
Max. Power: 100 W
Interface: RS232
Set points: 2 (configurable)
Histogram: Current / pressure curve, 24 h display
(L x W x H) [mm]:
325 x 120 x 102
Features: - Easy and safe interlock solution
- No fan

Further information about Ion Getter and Titanium Sublimation Pumps and physical principles can be found here.