MeTraVaC - Mechanical Transfer Components

MeTraVac - Mechanische Transferkomponenten Made by VACOMMore than two decades experiences in the construction of mechanical feedthroughs enable us to launch the most compact rotary feedthrough of this type.
The special configuration of the magnets enables you an optimized magnetic coupling and an accurate transfer of the rotation from atmosphere side to vacuum side.

Mounting flange CF16 (1.33“ OD CF)
Vacuum side materials Stainless steel, Aluminum,
SmCo, MoS2-coated Stainless steel
Vacuum side magnetic stray field < 2 mT at the mounting flange
< 0.1 mT at the shafts end
Transfer torque 0,45 Nm
Max. rotation speed 1000 rpm
Max. axial force 20 N
Max. bakeout temperature 250 °C

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