Mechanical transfer components

MeTraVaC® rotary feedthroughs

The mechanical rotary feedthroughs of the MeTraVaC® series enable the transmission of movements in vacuum systems by means of magnetic force coupling.  Due to the principle, there is no need for dynamic seals, bellows or fluids for force coupling. Due to the one-piece basic housing, the rotary feedthroughs offer leakage-free UHV operation. Shielding of the atmospheric-side rotary handle provides the conditions for use in magnetically sensitive environments. The stainless steel vacuum-side shaft rotates in the dry-lubricated ball bearings, ensuring a bakeout temperature up to 250°C.

Skizze Kraftkopplung EN

Precise and clean movement up to the XHV


  • Leakage-free magnetically coupled power transmission
  • Suitable for use up to UHV / XHV
  • Transmittable torque up to 0.5 Nm


Basic, Pro or Extended - Suitable for your application at any time

The rotary feedthrough that is right for you depends on your process conditions. Depending on the pressure range, required process cleanliness, the power transmission you require and the features you need, you can choose between Basic, Pro and Extended.

367139 CF DN 16 pro Vorschau 369068 CF DN 40 basic Vorschau 369172 CF DN 40 16 pro vorschau



DN40 Hollow shaft

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