Magnet Configuration RMS Series

Magnet configuration RMS series123The standard feedthroughs of the RMS Series include 4 antipole ring magnets with the pole position: NS-SN-NS-SN. This alignment creates an especially strong field strength at the pole shoes which generate low external stray fields. Milled circular grooves are located at the pole shoes’ inside, facing the shaft. The shaft itself is not weakened by grooves or the like. A strong magnetic field is concentrated in the gap between the magnet and the shaft, forming the magnetofluid into liquid o-rings between the grooves due to this design. A pressure stage is created between every two of these o-rings. Besides the very good leakage properties this design has another advantage, to withstand high differential pressures with few stages.

Furthermore there evolves only minimal frictional heat due to the relatively big gap between magnet and shaft, as well as the low persistent forces of the magnetofluid. This also results in minmal maintenance requirements.