Service for Mass Spectrometers

Qualified outgassing measurement Maintenance and repair of mass spectrometers

VACOM has its own qualified RGA-service team.

We offer you:

  • Outgassing measurement - quantitative und qualitative residual gas analysis
  • RGA measurement up to 5 • 10-14 mbar partial pressure and mass number
    300 amu
  • Characterisation of the outgassing behaviour of vacuum components - from small samples up to vacuum chambers
  • Residual gas analysis with controlled sample heating
  • Comprehensive analysis of vacuum systems
  • Residual gas analysis and leak detection, on-site
  • Training in operation of mass spectrometers – demo pool with different instruments for demonstration purposes available
  • Technical advice
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Spare parts like filaments, complete ionization units, and selected circuit boards for DYCOR® LC-D und DYCOR® Dymaxion on stock

Further information can be found under the category Service.

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