Flange Systems

Vacuum components are parts of vacuum systems, which are necessary for the installation of vacuum lines, e. g. flanges, seals, tubes (elbows, tees, crosses etc.), chambers, electrical and optical feedthroughs plus moving elements. The application in vacuum technology places great demands both on the material selection and on the manufacturing of these components.

Flange Systems
Small flange Clamping flange
ConFlat®-compatible Quick-CF
Short term
Nominal diameter [mm]  DN10 to DN50  DN63 to DN630  DN10 to DN400 DN16 to DN100
Standard  DIN 28403 /
ISO 2861
 DIN 28404 / ISO1609 ISO 3669-2 ISO 3669-2

There are connection standards for various fields of application which are based on different flange systems. Therefore, VACOM's vacuum components are available in all essential standards. Many components are on-hand for use in cleanrooms. These vacuum components are characterized by low particle contamination and generation. For the application in UHV, XHV and UCV are low outgassing rates required and verified.

In addition, we are specialized to manufacture vacuum components according to your requirements.

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