QCF Components

Funktionsprinzip QCF1Quick CF (QCF) components and the appropriate clamp chains VaCFix® allow a quick assembly in UHV. They combine the sealing principle of ConFlat® flanges (knife-edge according to ISO 3669) with the simple mounting principle of clamp chains.

QCF components can be assembled quick, easy and also space saving. They can be connected to all existing vacuum systems by adapters. The CF-QCF adapters offer the possibility to use the QCF connection on existing UHV vacuum systems and remain at all times flexible and supplier independent. Usually used copper gaskets can be used for all nominal diameters.

Quick CF Components12The demands of the UHV technology regarding a leak rate of <1.0e-11 mbar l/s and a bakeout temperature of the flange connection up to 350 °C are fulfilled.

VaCFix® Clamp chains are also applicable for the connection of KF and conical ISO flanges.

Quick connection for HV and UHV/XHV by VACOM®

  • Up to 75 % less assembly time are a huge advantage for flange connections which have to be opened often.
  • Ideal UHV-suitable quick connection principle for the use in radioactive environment – the use of QCF connections reduce the risk of exposure of the assembly staff.
  • Components with QCF flange can be mounted like rotatable flanges in any angular position.
  • VaCFix® Clamp chains can be mounted easy and fast even with limited space conditions.
  • QCF Components were successfully tested by independent institutes for operating temperatures from -270 °C to 350 °C.
  • VaCFix® Clamp chains are also perfectly suited for the mounting of stress-sensitive flange components such as viewports and feedthroughs because the clamp chains ensure a very uniform contact pressure when using a torque wrench.
  • Copper gaskets can be used up to three times in case of defined torque increase.

Dimensions QCF Flanges

Nominal diameter OD

OD Cu gasket
 Blank flange  Bored flange
DN16 30 6.5 9 21
DN40 55 6.5 9 48
DN63 87 7.5 11 82
DN100 134 14.0 19 120