Product Overview

Capacitive diaphragm sensors are characterized by their high degree of accuracy of the pressure measurement. The use of these sensors in corrosive environments is as problem-free as their use in surroundings in which different gases occur in different compositions. A single sensor already covers four decades of the pressure range, allowing for extremely accurate pressure measurements in a high vacuum. With an integrated RS232 interface and analog output a maximum compatibility is ensured when the sensor is integrated into existing systems, processes and automation solutions.

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Capacitive Membrane gauge
Capacitive Membrane gauge Capacitive Membrane gauge
Universal gauge with aluminum oxide diaphragm for gas-type independent measurement.
Suitable for corrosive processes.
Compared to metal diaphragms reduced sensor-to-sensor variation, improved long-term stability and reduced reset time.
Measurement range [mbar]: 5 versions:
0,133 mbar
1,33 mbar
13,3 mbar
133 mbar
1330 mbar
6,7• 10-3...13
6,7• 10-2...133
Bakeout temperature [°C]: 110 (at flange) 110 (at flange)
Operating temperature [°C]: - 0…50
Vacuum connections: CF40 KF16

Cable: CABLE-VMG-PIRANI-S00-X, Measuring cable: MEMBRAN-X (X = length [m])

Compatible electronic controls
(useful for sensors):
Number/type of sensors: Membran series
Interfaces: RS232 Main device:
   Back: 1x RJ45 (RS485 and RS232),
1x power supply  
1x USB-Data (USB-b),
1x USB-charging (USB-a),
Hot cathode module (back): 1x D-Sub-mixed for passive Barion®-gauges, 11-pins
Active gauge module (back): 3x RJ45 for active gauges
Set points: 2 -
Data sheets: Download Data Sheet Download Data Sheet

Further information on diaphragm sensors and physical principles can be found here.