Combined Vacuum Gauges

Extension of the vacuum gauge functionality by the combination of different measurement principles

Many vacuum processes require the application of two or more vacuum measuring methods in order to cover the required measurement range and/or accuracy. For such applications different combination gauges were developed, which combine two or three measuring methods in one single device. Typical combinations are Bayard-Alpert + Pirani (e.g., BARION® atm II ), inverted magnetron + Pirani or Pirani + capacitive.

The wide range vacuum gauge BARION® atm II offers a measurement range of 13 decades (10-10 mbar to atmospheric pressure), the combination of the Hot cathode sensor with an always active Pirani sensor enables a safe, fully automated gauge operation.

Other advantages are no cable clutter, more vacuum connections at your chamber, as well as the economization of measured data points.

Further Information

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