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Heat loss manometer cover the entire pressure range from atmosphere to fine vacuum according to the Pirani principle. They are particularly suitable for applications in the chemical industry, the vacuum metallurgy, the electron beam welding and for vapor deposition processes.

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PIRANI Sensors PIRANI Sensors
Pirani Gauges Pirani Gauges 
Active sensor, robust and compact, ideal for non-corrosive applications in the chemical industry, in vacuum metallurgy, PVD, and CVD. With the combination of the Pirani principle and the diaphragm gauge a higher precision at p>10mbar can be achieved. This active sensor is suitable for the use up to 1500 mbar, especially for applications in vacuum metallurgy, electron beam welding, PVD und CVD.
Measurement range [mbar]: 5·10-4…1000 5·10-4…1500
Bakeout temperature [°C]: < 80 (at flange)
< 250 (with extension tube)
<80 (at flange)
Operating temperature [°C]: 5...60 10…50
Accuracy of reading: 15 % (1·10-3…100 mbar)
50 % (<1·10-3…>100 mbar)
50 % (5·10-4…1E-3 mbar)
15 % (1·10-3…100 mbar)
5 % (100…950 mbar)
2.5 % (950…1050 mbar)
Interfaces: Analog out Analog out, Profibus (opt.), Display (opt.)
Set points: 2 (opt.) 2 (opt)
Step-File: Download PIRANI-000-C-A-KF16
Download PIRANI-000-C-A-CF16R
Download PIRANI-000-C-A-CF16RL
Download PIRANI-000-C-A-NPT18
Download  PIRANI-00M-C-A-KF16


(X = Length [m])


Compatible electronic controls
(useful for sensors):
VMG Vacuum Explorer Vax
Number/types sensors PIRANI series
Interfaces: RS232 Main device:
   Back: 1x RJ45 (RS485 and RS232),
1x power supply  
1x USB-Data (USB-b),
1x USB-charging (USB-a),
Hot cathode module (back): 1x Sub-D mixed for passive BARION® sensors, 11 pin
Active sensor module (back): 3x RJ45 for active sensors
Set points: 2 -
Data sheets: Download Data Sheet Download Data Sheet

Further information about heat loss gauge and physical principles can be found here.