Monitor and Operating Devices for Vacuum Gauge

VACOM manufactures a variety of operating devices for a wide range of application areas such as laboratories or vacuum systems. Therefore, a stable and robust nature of the instruments is self-evident. The VACOM operating units offer a variety of combination options in terms of connections of different sensors. Also, several peripheral units can be controlled via switch points. With these options, the operating units can be used for both simple pressure indicator or pressure readout as well as for process control as a control center.

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VMG Vacuum Explorer VaX
To read out the following gauges: Analog:
BARION® atm, ANYGAS, PIRANI series, MEMBRAN series
Active sensors:
Interfaces: RS232 Main device:
   Back: 1x RJ45 (RS485 and RS232),
1x power supply  
1x USB-Data (USB-b),
1x USB-charging (USB-a),
Hot cathode module (back): 1x Sub-D mixed for passive BARION® sensors, 11pin
Active sensor module (back): 3x RJ45 for active sensors
Set points: 2 -
Data sheets: Download Data Sheet Download Data Sheet


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