Product Overview

Especially in rough vacuum Bourdon gauges are preferably used. Since they have no dependencies in the matter of handling of gases, the pressure gauges are a highly valued instrument. The Bourdon is a relative pressure gauge. When displaying the pressure the existing atmospheric pressure at this time is always taken into account.

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Bourdon RFM Bourdon RFMC Bourdon RFM-I
Bourdon RFM Bourdon RFMC Bourdon RFM-I
monitoring in gas pipes  Working with corrosive gases Data collection in laboratories via analog interface. Connectable to PLC
Measurement range [mbar]: < 10…1020 < 10…1020 < 10…1020
Ausheiztemperatur [°C]: -40…60 -40…60 -40…60
Max. temperature of operating materials [°C]: 60 200 100
Materials in vacuum: Copper alloy Stainless Steel 316L Stainless Steel 316L
Case: Plastics Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Connectors:  - - analog: 4…20 mA
Protection class:  - IP65 IP54

Further information about Bourdon gauges and physical principles can be found here.