Vacuum Chambers and Special Components

Vacuum Chambers and Special ComponentsVacuum hardware is the strongest product line of the VACOM range of services. As manufacturer of vacuum chambers and special components we are able to realize suitable solutions according your specifications, e.g. special spherical chambers or cylindrical chambers.

The requirements of vacuum technical applications especially in the field of high-technology exceed the requirements of traditional mechanical engineering. A weld seam not only has to fulfill the requirements for mechanical stability but also needs to be gas tight. The used materials have to be characterized by low outgassing rates and low gas permeation. It is not sufficient that the electropolishing process results in a blank surface. In extreme high vacuum (XHV) every cm2 of surface is a cm2 too much. The difficulty lies in the creating of a chamber and component construction as small as possible which, however, leads to new technological challenges because of the heat dissipation during the production process. Demanding on the one hand low outgassing rates and minimal gas permeation and on the other hand minimal particle generation and affinity further limits the possibilities.

Vacuum Chambers and Special ComponentsNiche markets like vacuum applications require to find and define an interface between the mass products available on the market and the highly specialized unique components. Here, it is necessary to understand correlations, question basic physical processes and develop the ability to work interdisciplinary.

Vacuum Chambers and Special ComponentsWe take all these correlations and findings as a basis already at the construction and thus, reach new efficiencies and qualities. We are pleased to help our customers and prospective customers with questions on construction optimization. Mutually non-disclosure agreements (NDA) secure a respectful treatment of the intellectual efforts of all parties concerned.

We bring together knowledge and experience in vacuum technology and hence, are your partner in:

All this is only possible if the processes are accompanied by a well-organised quality control, which is highly qualified and has modern measurement equipment at disposal.

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