Adjustment of Focal Point

Adjustment of focal pointThe alignment of ports and flanges to a defined focal point can be of essential importance for many specific applications in vacuum technology.



Component with many outgoing unitsThe figure on the left shows a component with numerous ports with the following technological requirements:

  • Alignment of Focal Points
  • Many overlapping weld seams
  • The chronological order of the different welding steps, so that the part is weldable and can be clamped on the milling machine in the intermediate steps
  • Uniform weld seams in order to maintain the distances of the ports to each other by the complex geometry
  • Constructional solution of the bottom, which has to be welded at the end of the production process while only a very low virtual leak is allowed

Our special expertise includes the linking of several joining processes of components with low dimensional and positional tolerances less than 0.1 mm.