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Precision Turning and Milling - Our Dimensions of Production

3- and 5-axis precision milling centres

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Precision turning and milling

Rectangle vacuum chamber
Machining is one of our main focuses of our mechanical production.
We have 3- and 5-axis precision milling centres available for the realization of your specific requirements. Thus, we are able to manufacture vacuum chambers with dimensions up to 1200 x 700 x 600 mm and chambers with diameters up to 500 mm. We realize larger dimensions for you after individual technical clarification.

Our clamping and setting concepts are designed and optimized for the economical production of small batches and custom-made items.

The realization of your orders is carried out with one of the most modern CAM systems. Hence, we can use the model data which you provide (*.step, *.iges) to process your orders.

We have established processes for the adaptive milling in the mechanical production which take into consideration the real geometry of mold components e. g. for spherical chambers. Based on these technologies which are unique on the market, we manufacture vacuum standard and special components of highest precision. We are able to realize distances of ports and exits to each other, the precise positioning of focal points and beam guidance within narrow tolerances.

We have technologies and processes at hand for the excentric application of sealing surfaces and cutting edge geometry (CF components). With these technologies we are able to manufacture chambers and special components for you which are optimized for your demanding usage, avoiding unnecessary joints e.g. for flanges feedthroughs etc.
Furthermore, we are able to expand the fields of application of your existing chambers and vacuum components by inserting additional connecting  possibilities as part of a repair.