Surface Treatment and Refinement of Components

Surface treatmentWe offer you as standard the following surface treatments:

  • Mechanical and chemical untreated surfaces
  • Mechanically polished
    - Mechanical treatment of the surfaces by polishing with stainless steel wire brush
  • Pickling
    - Removal of annealing colors
  • Glass bead blasting
    - Blasting of the component surfaces with glass beads to accomplish an optimal silk-matt gloss
  • Electropolishing
    - Anodic removal of the component surface treatment in an electrochemical process

The surface treatment serves besides optical effects to deburr, reduce outgassing  or minimize the number of particles. We have spezified processes with defined results for the surface treatment.

If you require other surface treatments for your components differing from the here described methods, we can realise these in co-operation with our partners or with you.

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