UHV-suitable Cleaning and Bakeout

Cleaning in Cleanroom Area

Cleaning in the Ultrasonic Cleaning Line

Cleaning process of vacuum components
Cleaning in Clean Room Area

Cleaning process of vacuum components

We have the knowledge and technical equipment for an economical cleaning of components with unique characteristics regarding material, complexity of surfaces as well as low outgassing and low particle generation. Our processes are optimized to fulfill requirements e. g. for optical industries and accelerator technology. The cleaning process and the applied cleaning agents are ideally adapted to the used materials and geometries.

The complete six-stage cleaning cascade is carried out in the cleanroom ISO class 7 which ensures a low particle generation. All components which are integrated into our clean room cleaning process are pre-cleaned.

The "history" of the assembly has to be considered before a cleaning process is successfully started. It is of essential importance to avoid contaminations of sensitive materials and complex geometries already in the production process.

All cleaning stages are equipped with conductance and pH value control and the measurement results are permanently logged. The whole media supply is free of Zn, Sn, In, Pb and Si.

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Bakeout in Vacuum Oven

Bake out in vacuum ovenVacuum components can be baked out in vacuum (10-5 mbar) up to a temperature of 300 °C to further reduce the outgassing values. This process reduces the outgassing values for example of stainless steel to 2 • 10-10 mbar l/s*cm-2 for water, 2 • 10-12 mbar l/s*cm-2 for volatile organic compounds and 1,5 • 10-13 mbar l/s*cm-2 for heavy volatile organic compounds.

The bakeout process can be controlled and logged in situ using mass spectrometry.

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