Vacuum Optics

Vacuum ViewportsFor a large number of applications it is necessary to transport electromagnetic waves such as light or laser radiation from atmosphere into vacuum or from vacuum into atmosphere. The range of possible applications covers simple tasks like viewing the inside of a vacuum chamber or illuminating such a chamber, as well as the defined coupling in and out of light for scientific or processing purposes. High requirements to optics have to be fulfilled for high-precision, nearly loss-free transmission of optical information. This large number of applications leads to a variety of optical components and systems with different characteristics.

Optical Fibre FeedthroughsMonitoring and illumination can be realized with simple viewports made out of borosilicate glass. For defined coupling in and out of light, viewport materials with defined optical quality, special viewport designs and optical fiber feedthroughs are available. Here, the application and its requirements define the choice of optical material. The main aspects in choosing the right optical material are wavelength, transport distance, birefringence or wavefront deformation and possible losses in power or energy.

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