Optical fiber feedthroughs for cryogenic environments with FC and FSMA connectors

Optical Fiber Feedthroughs for cryogenic environments with FC and FSMA connectors

Die HiPO-Serie von VACOM ist ein Baukastensystem Our optical fiber feedthroughs for cryogenic environments are ideal for your applications in high and ultra high vacuum (HV and UHV) down to a temperature of liquid nitrogen (77 K). For example, they are used in optical signal transmission towards cooled detectors in astrophysics and material characterization.
In House Fertigung We set highest demands on cleanliness, insertion loss and vacuum suitability. The fiber cables can be stripped on vacuum side and atmospheric side. They can be exchanged in case of wear.
Wechsel der Optiken Our customers trust our product, because of its low and reproducible insertion loss in combination with ist high-quality processing, which quickly lead to UHV conditions. We achieve these results due to outstanding expertise in vacuum design and efficient cleaning processes. We assure fast delivery by a standardized modular construction system.
Individuelle Beratung You have special requirements such as individual fiber types, fiber bundles or advanced optical specifications? Take advantage of our experience in many years of  designing and manufacturing vacuum components and create your individual implementation with us. Call us!

technical data:

Flange material: stainless steel 316L
Flange type: KF, CF and ISO / nominal diameter: 16 to 63
Operating temperature: room temperature down to 77 K
Max. heating/cooling rate: 3 K / min
Helium leak rate: max. 1E-10mbar l/s (depending on flange)

Spectrum of the VACOM standard fiber:

VACOM Standardfasern inkl Wellenlängen Spektrum

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