AluVaC® Optics

AluVaC<sup>®</sup> Optics

AluVaC<sup>®</sup> Optics Our new UHV compatible viewports AluVaC® Optics as recent development in the AluVaC® product family are suitable for illumination and observation tasks as well as for demanding optical applications.
AluVaC<sup>®</sup> Optics By using AluVaC® technology and a new innovative joining technology, our viewports are completely non magnetizable and therefore an ideal alternative for non-magnetic applications. These viewports are compatible with all standard CF & AluVaC® components.
AluVaC<sup>®</sup> Optics The flexible choice of the optical material (borosilicate, fused silica and optical crystals for the IR range), individual coatings without typical shading effects and customer-specific design adaptations of the flange system enable AluVaC® Optics to be used in a wide range of applications.


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