HiPO - High Precision Optics Series

Precision with Perspective - Made by VACOM®

Die HiPO-Serie von VACOM ist ein Baukastensystem Our HiPO series offers you a flexible and innovative modular system for vacuum viewports to be used in high vacuum and ultra high vacuum. This system provides a reliable solution of various standardized flange assemblies and optical flats, with and without AR coatings. The HiPO series meets your high requirements for optical functionality needed to run your processes in vacuum environment.
In House Fertigung Our HiPO viewport system is a cost-effective alternative for high and ultra high vacuum applications. It is characterized by short delivery times and high flexibility. You choose suitable flange design and desired optical quality - we deliver your individual viewport.
Wechsel der Optiken Our customers value the product because of its sustainability. The modular concept allows the optics to be exchanged at a later time. Thereby, the product can be renewed by simply replacing a damaged or dull optic (e.g. after coating processes inside the chamber) or re-utilized by integrating other optical materials with different spectral ranges.
Individuelle Beratung You have special requirements, such as customized flanges or advanced optical specifications? Take advantage of our long-term experience in development and manufacturing of high quality vacuum components and design your desired product together with us!
AluVaC NEW! AluVaC® Precision Optics - Optical precision made of aluminum. The configurable viewports offer CF knife edge in approved AluVaC® quality. You can select from a variety of coatings, for near UV to medium IR range. Our N-BK7, quartz glass and crystal optics are available on request with various VAR and BBAR coatings.
Benefit from the low magnetic permeability and the distinct weight saving of aluminum compared to stainless steel - ideal for your laser, UV-VIS or wide-range application.

Do you want a configurable, optically precise and cost-efficient vacuum viewport?
Trust in our High Precision Optics Series! Made by VACOM. Made for you.

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Technical Data:

  HiPO series    AluVaC® Precision Optics
Flange material: Stainless steel 316L   Aluminum EN AW-6XXX
„„Flange type: KF, CF and ISO / DN25 to 63   DN40CF
„„Max. operating temperature: „„permanent: 150 °C, „„temporary: 200 °C   permanent: 120 °C
„„Max. heating- / Cooling rate: 3 K / min   3 K / min
Helium leak rate: < 5,0 · 10-10 mbar l/s   < 5,0 · 10-10 mbar l/s

Transmission curves:

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