Standard Viewports

Standard viewportsApplications of standard viewports made of borosilicate and fused silica are mainly monitoring and illumination tasks. Requirements to these viewports are primarily the flange type (CF, KF, ISO), desired pressure range and operation temperature.

Viewports with removable O-ring seals are suitable for high vacuum applications and for temperatures up to 150 °C. For higher requirements in pressure or temperature, viewports are required in which glass and flange are permanently joined (e.g. by soldering). To prevent tensions that occur during heating, cooling or installing viewports most commonly an intermediate material like e.g. Kovar (an iron-nickel-cobalt alloy) is used that compensates tension. When magnetic permeability is an issue, tantalum, titanium or baked steel is used as an intermediate material for standard viewports.

At VACOM viewports for the most common CF, KF and ISO flange sizes are available as well as QAD (quick access doors, see Special viewports) for an easy, quick access to a vacuum chamber. Furthermore, standard viewports are available as Quick CF version with integrated glass window which can be installed more rapidly.

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