Viewports for Optical Applications

Viewports for optical applicationsThe main requirement for a viewport in an optical application is excellent transmission in a defined wavelength range and thus the choice of the optical material. For UV-VIS-NIR (appr. 200 nm to 7 µm) VACOM offers quartz / fused silica, quartz crystal, sapphire, magnesium fluoride and calcium fluoride. Zinc selenide and zinc sulfide are mainly used in VIS-IR applications (approx. 0.6 µm to 15 µm). For IR use, the semiconducting viewport materials silicon and germanium are an option.

Further requirements are temperature stability or radiation resistance. Quartz viewports feature high radiation resistance (for e.g. high power laser applications) while sapphire is applicable in high temperature applications (up to 450 °C).

Depending on further requirements, viewports are available in different configurations. Main differences are optical quality, temperature stability, magnetic permeability and heating and cooling rates. Here the joining technology (e.g. soldering) and choice of material define the properties of the product.

For optimized transmission in some commonly used spectral ranges, we offer viewports with different anti-reflection coatings. Furthermore, special AR coatings for individual wavelengths or wavelength ranges are available on request.

Also, exceeding the list of products in our catalog, other materials (e.g. barium fluoride or beryllium) and flange types and sizes are available. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions or requests.

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