Vented Screws for Use in High- and Ultrahigh Vacuum Conditions

Vented screws
Vented screws
The appearance of gas traps in a vacuum installation can be prevented by a vacuum suitable design of the used construction parts. In most cases this fact leads to an increased production effort, which is reflected in the costs of the construction parts. A reasonable alternative are vented fasteners.

VACOM offers screws with centric vent holes by default. Washers with vent grooves or lock washers ensure the venting of the cavity under the screw head. Alternatively screws with a lateral longitudinal slot can be offered. This allows the venting of the cavity under the screw head without using a grooved washer.

When tigthening screws with centric vent holes, the maximal recommended tightening torques stated in the table below should be used considering the reduced profile of these screws. Screws with venting slot can be tightened with the full permissible torque MNB. We recommend to order these screws with electropolished surface due to the edges arising at the thread.

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