venting variants of vacuum suitable screws

Center vented screws

Center vented screwsAn established standard configuration for vacuum suitable screws is the center venting hole. Virtual leaks through gas filled cavities bellow the screws reliable are prevented. Gas traps under the screw head has to be vented with additional flat washers featured with venting grooves. The center venting hole, especially at small screw sizes, will weak the mechanical strength of the screw.

Slot vented screws

Slot vented screwsA lengthwise venting slot along the screw shaft and under the screw head vents trapped gas in tapped hole ground and under the screw head. Mechanical strength loss is minimized due to the position of the venting slot at the bolts circumference. The overlap of the venting slot and the thread geometry occurs a lot of small edges which can increase the risk of galling within the screw connection. For that reason it is strongly recommended to use slot vented screws exclusively with a silver or gold plating.

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