Vacuum Traps and Filters

vacuum trapsVACOM offers a wide range of vacuum traps and oil mist separators which are necessary to protect pumps or your complete vacuum system against damage by water, solvent and oil vapor, particles, reactive solids or condensates. Different solutions come into consideration depending on the application.

When selecting a vacuum trap, three criteria have to be considered: the medium that should be filtered with the trap, the required ports for the connection with the vacuum system and the needed design of the trap.

Based on the medium to be filtered one has to decide what kind of trap and which filter media come into question. There is the possibility to prevent back-streaming of mechanical rough pumps into the vacuum chamber, to reduce the emissions of the pumps or to protect the pumps against particles from the vacuum system. Furthermore, it is possible to filter gases for the process in the chamber and to prevent water and process related condensates. A LN2 cooling trap can, with some reservations, also be used as a cryo pump.

The connections of the trap also depend on the design of the vacuum system into which it will be integrated. It is important to ensure that the selected connection system complies with the pressure range of the vacuum system. Also the design of the trap is mostly determined by the system into which it will be integrated. The ports can be axially staggered or positioned at 90° from each other.
The volume of the trap has to be selected according to the prevailing amount of gas. The higher the quantity of gas which has to be filtered the larger has to be the volume of the selected trap. Furthermore, the maintenance intervals are extended by higher volume of
the traps.

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