Adsorption Traps

LN2 cooling traps with liquid nitrogen are used in high vacuum systems in order to achieve a directed condensation on the cooled surfaces. Water, solvent and oil vapors together with CO2 condensate on the cooling areas.

A KF adsorption trap can be applied in order to prevent the back-streaming of oil or water vapor from the rough vacuum system into the chamber. The zeolite, mostly used as adsorption medium, can be regenerated by the integrated heating.

LN2 cooling trapsLN2 Cooling Traps, Stainless Steel

LN2 cooling traps of stainless steel are mainly used in high vacuum and ultra high vacuum systems.
Water,  solvents,  agents  and  gases  with  boiling  temperatures  above  77  K  (e.  g.  CO2) condensate at the walls of the traps. Therefore, cooling traps can also be applied as cryo pumps. The traps are equipped with KF or ISO flanges for assembly and to drain the condensate.

To meet the requirements of your application, there are traps with two or three ports in two designs available.


KF adsorption trapsKF Adsorption Traps, Stainless Steel, Including Heater

KF adsorption traps are commonly applied between mechanical rough pumps and  the  vacuum  chamber.  They  prevent  the  back-streaming  of  vapors  and pumping oils into the chamber. The traps are normally filled with zeolite which adheres particles on its large surface.

By means of a built-in heating, the zeolite can be regenerated many times at a temperature of 300 °C.


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