Filter Elements for Vacuum Traps

Filter media for vacuum trapsFilter Elements (Cartridges for All Traps)

The filter elements are equipped with stainless steel end caps and Buna N seal rings for a long lifetime and durability. The large selection of filter elements and possible combinations enable a wide range of applications. Customized filter elements can be delivered on request.

The filter elements are replaceable and available in two sizes of the following

  • copper gauze
  • stainless steel gauze
  • molecular sieve
  • Sodasorb®
  • activated charcoal filter
  • aluminium oxide
  • PolyPro 2 µm
  • PolyPro 5 µm
  • PolyPro 20 µm

Zeolite Filling for Adsorption Traps

In order to achieve a consistent filtering result and to extend the maintenance rate of the pump it is necessary to exchange the zeolite after repeated regeneration.

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