Multi-stage Vacuum Traps

MULTI-TRAP1The  multi-stage  high  performance  MULTI-TRAP  protects  oil  sealed  and  dry running pumps used within reactive processes (such as TEOS, NITRIDE, HTO, PLASMA). It filters corrosive vapors and during the working processes generated particles  which  can  contaminate  the  vacuum  pump.  Thereby,  it  prolongs  the maintenance cycles and reduces the downtime.

The three-stage construction ensures a nearly complete filtration of the through-flow. The  first  stage  traps  large,  heavy  particles,  aerosols  and  liquids  on  the large housing surface.

The second and the third stages are equipped with filter media enabling the filtration of reactive chemicals and fine particles. A wide range of filter media is available for different fields of application.

Optional cooling stage
In  order  to  achieve  higher  condensation  there  is  an  optional  cooling  stage available  for  the  10“  models  (MV-355040;  MV-355050)  and  the  12“  models  (MV-355080; MV-355100). The cooling stage is to be mounted to the first stage of the MULTI-TRAP and can be operated with different cooling systems (water, POLYCOLD). The gas flow is restraint-guided through the cooling stage before reaching the second stage with the filter media. This ensures a higher deposition rate of liquids and condensable gases.

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