Single-stage Vacuum Traps

Single- and multi-stage vacuum traps are suited to protect pumps or the whole vacuum system against damages arising by particles, reactive substances or condensates. Sealed filter cartridges for the different media are used in these traps.


The adsorption traps VISI-TRAP consist of a transparent plastic sump with a particle filter to protect pumps against corrosion or vacuum against the back-streaming of oil from the pump.

There are two filter sizes (4.5“ or 9.5“) and a wide range of filter elements and connecting adapters for your individual application available.

Furthermore, you can select from a range of filter cartridges for water, oil or corrosive chemicals which can be replaced without opening the vacuum system.



The POSI-TRAP consists of a stainless steel housing which is available in two sizes. Both models  can be equipped  with 180° straight-through or 90° right-angle ports. POSI-TRAP filter media are sealed at both the inlet and exhaust to provide trapping of the whole gas stream. A range of filter media is available.

The filter media of the POSI-TRAP are inclusively delivered. You can select the choosen filter element by adding the corresponding filter code.


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