Angle Valves and In-line Valves

Angle valveAngle and in-line valves are available in a number of versions of usual nominal sizes. They are proven and cost-effective shut-off elements and most valves are suitable for use in high vacuum for industrial and research and development applications. The leak rates of these valves are very low. Special attention has been directed to materials and design, with respect to the demands of vacuum technology. The range covers valves of aluminium and stainless steel. Construction with manual, pneumatic and electromagnetic variants are available.

Depending on the design KF, ISO-K, QCF or CF ports are available. Usually the valves are FKM sealed, angle valves for UHV applications are also equipped with metal seals. The valve drive is bellows-sealed using hydroformed or edge bellows. The description of all variants and models is beyond the scope of this introduction but we will be pleased to help you choose the optimal product for your application.

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