Assembly and Cleanroom Packaging

Our range of services includes the assembly of components under cleanroom conditions. In addition we can provide cleanroom packaging to preserve the achieved freedom of oil and grease.

Assembly of Components in Clean Room

Assembly of Components in Clean RoomWe assembly components and groups of components with high demands on low particle emission under clean room conditions. Therefor clean rooms and work stations of clean room class ISO 7 to ISO 1 are available. Assemblies to 250 kg can be mounted in ISO 7 to ISO 5 area, components groups to 25 kg can be assembled under ISO 1 conditions.

The cleanliness of the work stations is preserved by a permanent flow of ultra clean air assuring an ultra pure environment anytime. Trained staff takes care of professional handling of susceptible components and assemblies. Work stations and clean rooms are continuously tested for particle class, test readings are documented and filed.

With the help of latest particle measurement and detection techniques we are able to test single components previous to assembly as well as the finally assembled group of components for their compliance with specified particle limit values.
We can execute clean room compatible packaging and assembly of groups of components according to your specifications also for components that you provide. Supplied clean room products are solely opened and unpacked in clean room. The assembly will be mounted in the clean room after being tested for clean room applicability. A leak test in clean room is standard practice. Special quality inspections and attendant certificates are possible on agreement.

Clean Room Packaging

Clean Room PackagingAll products are packed in such a way that the cleanliness achieved during the ultrasonic cleaning process including freedom of oil and grease will be preserved. In addition we can provide clean room packaging (ISO class 7).

Products can also be packed under inert gas if required. These options can also be agreed upon for custom products.

We provide this service also for your products. We clean your products for you and pack them clean room suitable after being tested for the agreed requirements.

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