Ozone Cleaning

Ozone cleaningThe removal of hydrocarbons (HC) by bakeout for tubes with a ratio of diameter to length greater than 1:50 is only possible to a limited extent. The gaseous hydrocarbons cannot leave a long tube due to physical reasons.

This problem can be resolved by purging with ozone also referred to as ozone cleaning. The components are connected to an ozone generator after the conventional cleaning. The ozone causes scission and conversion of the unwished HC contamination into easily purgeable gases like water vapour and CO2. So it is possible to prepare also long tube assemblies ultrapure.

This procedure is appropriate for tube assemblies in pure gas technology which are applied e. g. in CVD or semiconductor processes: labyrinthine constructed components with rough edges, gaps and sophisticated geometries. The assemblies are delivered closed and filled with ultra pure nitrogen.