Cleaning in the Ultrasonic Cleaning Line

Ultrasonic Cleaning LineWet cleaning in the cleanroom

The cleaning process and the used cleaning agents are optimized for the processed materials and geometries of the components.

  • Cleanroom: 800 m2
  • Cleanroom class ISO 7 and better
  • Manually to fully automated
  • Automated process documentation possible
  • Miscellaneous ultrasonic frequencies available
  • Use of material-specific proven and biodegradable cleaners
  • Cleaning line with conductance and pH value control
  • Contamination with zinc, tin, indium and lead is debarred
  • Fully automated cleaning of components with dimensions from 1 to 1100 mm, other dimensions on request
  • Cleaning to a gross weight of 250 kg
  • Comprehensive process documentation and filing
  • Subsequent to the cleaning follow the logistics according to specification directly to the adjacent cleanrooms or to packing and the automated small-parts warehouse
  • Adjusted cleaning processes are available for following materials:

– Stainless steel
– Aluminium
– Copper
– Ceramics
– Glass

  • Testing of the cleaning results according to  quality control plan

We gladly advice you to achieve an optimal and to your specification adjusted cleaning effect.