Measurement of Components by the 3D Measuring Machine

Measurement of components by the 3D measuring machineWe measure your supplied components including log. Complex and precise components require measurement instrumentation with highest accuracy. The 3D measuring machine makes it possible determine and to log the manufacturing dimensions, in addition to shape and position tolerance.

The portal style measuring machine with fixed measuring table is a multi-sensor instrument which allows optical as well as tactile measurements with active and passive scanning sensors. All axes are equipped with air bearings. The measurement range is: X-axis = 900 mm, Y-axis =1400 mm and Z-axis = 800 mm. CAA (Computer Aided Accuracy) ensure the computer-aided error correction of the dynamic deformation of the instrumentation.

The applied sensors guarantee a maximal measurement error of 1.6 µm + measuring length [mm]/333 and a touch deviation of 1.7 μm. The additional dynamic pivoting and swivelling unit makes it possible to measure areas which are difficult to access.

Your CAD files can be read as test basis and a log can be released according to your requirements.


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