Measurement of Hardness

Measurement of hardnessThe knowledge of the hardness of a material is often of crucial importance. The hardness, strength and the yield strength of high-alloy stainless steels e. g. are especially low in quenched condition. The manufacturing process can also have significant impact on the hardness at other materials what affects e. g. copper. Hence the components fulfil their task in your application it is important to check the hardness of the material.

With our mobile hardness test device we can also measure and immediately analyse the Vickers hardness on-site at your premises. The hardness measurement according to Vickers specifies the ingression of an equilateral diamond pyramid with an aperture angle of 136° with a defined test load into the work piece. The indentation surface is calculated from the diagonal length of the remaining indentation measured by a measuring microscope. The Vickers hardness number (VHN) is the result of the ratio between the test load (unit newton = N) and the indentation surface (d in mm) multiplied with the factor 0,1891.

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