Qualitative and Quantitative Outgassing measurement of materials and assemblies

The evaluation of the outgassing behaviour of materials, components and assemblies is of essential importance for many modern technology processes. This includes on the one hand the basic classification of materials regarding their vacuum compatibility that depends both on the operating pressure and the prevailing temperatures.
On the other hand, measurements of the outgassing behaviour are a method of quality inspection for the performance of the cleaning of materials and components. Our measuring procedures are so sensitive that we can detect e. g. the contamination of a mounting glove with slight traces of skin oil on the mounted assembly.
We provide you outgassing measurements by qualitative and quantitative residual gas analysis (RGA). The measurement of outgassing rates [mbar l/s] covers the mass number range to 200 m/z (mass/load). Our highly sensitive measuring stations enable the detection of slightest contaminations by e. g. highly volatile and low-volatile organic compounds (45...100 m/z and 101...200 m/z) in order to provide for our customers with highest demands the requisite cleanliness of vacuum components and chambers. The lowest detection limit for the partial pressure is 5 • 10-14 mbar.

By repetition of the measurement we can ascertain if the outgassing behaviour of the materials is reversible or if the outgassing caused sustained modification of the material’s characteristics. A printout can be delivered for each measurement which contains the time-dependent outgassing rate of your assembly. We gladly process the evaluation of the measuring results and interpret the data in consultation with you.

Mass specific outgassing rates to 1 • 10-14 mbar l/s/cm2 can be detected by our residual gas analysis measuring stations. The detectability/analysability of the residual gas composition is decisively influenced by the surface relation between test objects and measuring instrument.
The calibration of the mass spectrometer is as essential as the appropriate selection and dimensioning of the pump und the correct adjustment of conductance values.

We have a wealth of experience to decide in advance whether the measurements let expect an evaluable result by comparing the lowest detection limit of our measuring station with the expected outgassing behaviour of your samples.
Our RGA measuring station are regularly maintained and calibrated according to strict guidelines in order to guarantee the high quality und measuring accuracy.

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